UVC Sterilization Light

38W UV Sterilization Light To Eliminate Bacteriaum germs and mites in your house and your daily life
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Product Details

Product Name: UVC Sterilization Light

Certification: CE RoHS FCC

Warranty: 2Years

Life Span: 50000hrs


Rated Power: 38W/100W/150W

Voltage: 110V-240V

Light solutions service: UVC quartz tube

Wave length: 253.7NM + Ozone 185nm

IP Rating: IP55

Material: ABS

Function: Sterilization + disinfection + mite removal three in one for indoor room sterilization. 

Application: Family, kindergarten, school, hospital, office, etc

Place of Origin: Guangdong,China

Product Description

UV Virus killer light_07

UV Virus killer light_08

UV Virus killer light_09

UV Virus killer light_10

UV Virus killer light_11UV Virus killer light_12

UV Virus killer light_13

UV Virus killer light_14

UV Virus killer light_15

UV Virus killer light_16

UV Virus killer light_17

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