Portable UVC Sterilization Light

Portable UVC Sterilization Light: It's fast high efficiency and short distance sterilization Light 3-15cm distance and 3-5 seconds time sterilization
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Portable UVC Sterilization Light

01-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

Spec of Portable UVC Sterilization Light

Product NameUV Sterilizing Wand
Model numberHT-X004
Product Size266.66(L)x37.8(W)X41.84mm(H)/10.39” H x 1.5” W
UV-C Lamp Consumption4W DC Lamp
 UV strength ≥ 2750u W/cm2
UV WavelengthUV-C (253.7nm)
Sterilizing Rate99.99%
Working time operationunlimited
Working operation4 AA Batteries(not including)

02-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

Product Picture Details:

04-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

06-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

Sterilization application:

07-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

16-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

18-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

19-Portable UVC Sterilization Light

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We have many models: (1) Quartz or LED tube for options; (2) 3 types: Portable model, Desk model and Wall Mounted model and Trolley (3) Control method: Switch or Timing or Remote Control or Radar Sensor (4) Wavelength 253.7nm(UVC-shortwave disinfection) + 185nm(Ozone) or free ozone;UVC Light Emits 253.7nm or 185nm shortwave light to damage the virus structure of DNA and RNA that the make them to be unable to produce until death.


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