Newest UVC Sterilizer Lamp Germicidal Lamp

Product Details Product name : Newest UV Sterilizer Lamp Germicidal lamp for Hospital Medical Home Store UVC Sterilizing lamp power : 38W/60W/150W Disinfection area : 40㎡/62㎡/150㎡ Voltage: 110V/220V(voltage and plug can be changed) Sterilizing lamp Body Material : ABS Sterilization tube material...
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Product Details

Product Details

Product name: Newest UV Sterilizer Lamp Germicidal lamp for Hospital Medical Home Store

UVC Sterilizing lamp power: 38W/60W/150W

Disinfection area: 40㎡/62㎡/150㎡

Voltage: 110V/220V(voltage and plug can be changed)

Sterilizing lamp Body Material: ABS

Sterilization tube material: Quartz Tube

Ultraviolet wavelength: UVC253.7nm(Ozone)+Ozone185nm

Control type: Switch/Remote Control

Function: Disinfection of Bacterias, Virus, Mite, Mold


Certification: CE RoHS + Microbiology Test

Place of origin: Guangdong, China

remote timing disinfection

UVC disinfection light

UVC sterilizing lamp

UVC Sterilizing lamp application

Bacteria Killing for Family, kindergarten, school, hospital, office, etc

Bacteria Killing

Safety Precautions for UVC sterilizing lamps

1. When using the germicidal lamp, it's strictly forbidden to look directly at the UVC lamp to avoid burning eyes.

2. When using the germicidal lamp, avoid direct irradiation to human body to avoid burning skin.

3. The germicidal lamp should be properly placed to prevent children from touching and operating.

4. UVC has killing effect on organic cells. Avoid UVC radiation lights to pets and plants for a long time.

5. Pay attention to be protection of valuable paintings in the room to prevent oxidation and discoloration due to long-term ultraviolet radiation.

6. Don't use germicidal lamp as lighting lamp. Appropriate disinfection is appreciate. It's not recommended to keep ultraviolet light on for a long time.

7. After disinfection the room, please open the window for ventilation.

8. If you want to check the operation for the germicidal lamp, must wear professional protective glasses to avoid corneal burns.

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