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Hot selling high quality factory price ultraviolet sterilizing lamps, Disinfecting trolley, etc.
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Hot selling high quality factory price ultraviolet sterilizing lamps, Disinfecting trolley, etc.

 Product Type UV Lamp
 Function Disinfection of Bacterias, Virus, Mite, Mold
 Power 38W/60W/150W
 Input Voltage 110V/220V
 Tube Quartz ultraviolet tube
 Material Metal shell
 Ultraviolet wavelength UVC253.7nm+Ozone185nm
 Control Type Switch/Remote Control
 Time Control 15 / 30 / 60 Min
 Disinfection area 40㎡/60㎡/150
 Emitting Color
 Application Household / School / Office / Living room / Bedroom.etc
 Warranty 1 Year

ultraviolet light

UVC disinfection light

Bacteria Killing

UVC sterilizing lamp

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Sterilizing lights and Disinfecting trolley

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