Where To Place Track Light Fixtures

- Aug 19, 2019-

Run a straight track along with a hallway ceiling and aim fixtures at the artwork on either wall.

Customize a track to fit your kitchen space. A U-shaped configuration may allow you to place light right where you need it—over an island or onto the countertops.

Install a track 20- to 40-inches out from the walls in a room.

Consider installing a track to highlight a large collection of artwork hung over a mantel or on a wall since the heads can be adjusted to point to specific areas of the display.

A track installed in a dark closet will let you position a number of heads right where you need light—on clothes or shelves.

Higher ceilings can take track units that are dropped from a central electrical box location or via stems or cable systems.

Watch that track heads won’t interfere with the operation of doors, cabinets, or other movable room elements.