What Kind Of Material Is Suitable For LED Solar Street Lamp?

- Nov 27, 2018-

The material of LED street lamp is generally die-cast aluminum. This material is sturdy and light, and has high hardness. It can reduce the weight and make the lamp safer and more reliable while meeting the quality requirements of the lamp. In addition, the aluminum has a natural heat dissipation. The advantage is the best choice for making street lamp heads.

As we all know, LED street light heads are mounted on the brackets. If the quality is too large, the load on the sockets will be large, resulting in safety hazards. Therefore, the lamps should be as light as possible, and at the same time ensure sufficient hardness to meet the requirements. The requirements of luminaire protection, in fact, industrial plastics and aluminum alloys can meet the requirements, but plastics can not meet the demand in thermal conductivity, and it is easy to aging in outdoor wind and rain, reducing the life of lamps, so aluminum alloy Is the best choice. In addition, in terms of thermal conductivity, second only to silver, copper and gold, gold and silver are too expensive, copper weight is a problem, aluminum is the top choice, and now many radiators are made of aluminum, which is best for heat dissipation. The surface of the aluminum alloy has a passivation layer, which can prevent the corrosion of the aluminum alloy from the outside, so it is suitable for use in an outdoor environment, which greatly increases the service life of the lamp.

Because aluminum alloy has many advantages, even if it is expensive, it will still be chosen as the material of the street lamp head. Zhengxiang outdoor lighting, according to the performance of aluminum alloy, developed aluminum heat conduction technology, let the outer casing become the radiator of the lamp, make full use of resources, and the quality is trustworthy.