What Kind Of Lights Do You Choose For Jewelry Store Lighting?

- Jan 15, 2019-

There are countless jewellery stores in the country. Different retailers have different sales techniques. Of course, different sales techniques must include different jewellery lighting requirements to drive the image of the whole store, thereby increasing sales.

Jewelry shopping malls, the main commodities are gold jewelry, gems, diamonds, pearls and other commodities, all of which are valuables, so the goods can only be placed in semi-closed counters, and the counter area is generally not large, then for this kind of lighting How to design LED lighting, how to choose a lamp?

A good display light environment is affected by various factors such as illumination, space, color rendering, three-dimensionality, glare, stability, etc. The following major factors need to be considered in design: aesthetics: to have decorative space, To enhance the atmosphere and beautify the environment. The lighting design should be designed as much as possible in accordance with the jewelry display needs, while meeting the requirements of the interior decoration of the showcase.

Different jewels need to be matched with different lights. Generally, color temperature, illumination and flicker should be considered. Jewelry can show the best appearance under the illumination of 3300K~5000K color temperature, especially with continuous spectrum. The light source is the best for jewelry display. Different jewels also have different color temperatures. For example, gold jewelry is usually illuminated with warm white light, while silver or jewel products can be illuminated with 5500K cool white light. In terms of illuminance, such as gold, platinum, pearls, etc., due to the small size, the illuminance is required to be high enough, 2000LX can be; and some jewelry such as jade, crystal, etc., is soft, the illumination does not have to be too high.

In terms of light source selection, there are roughly these types:

1. LED fluorescent lamp or led ceiling lamp: suitable for the main lighting, overall lighting as a jewelry store.

2. LED downlights or spotlights lead the ceiling light in the spotlights: “small and flexible”, easy to control, high light display color, can be used for high ceilings, and can also be used for lighting in the counter.

3.LED hard light bar: It has soft lighting, no stimulation, rich light color, small heat radiation, easy to conceal and other installation features.