What Are The Properties Of The High Bar Lamp

- Oct 11, 2019-

All kinds of street lamps can not only illuminate the road in the dark night, but also beautify the urban and rural environment. Want to install street lamp, be about to install high pole lamp of high quality, the performance that high pole lamp place has below gives everybody introduction.

1. Energy saving and environmental protection can prolong the life of lamps and lanterns

The high bar lamp is an energy saving lamp, which adopts intelligent lighting saving cabinet. The user can supply power to the lamp intelligently according to the voltage. In the dark night, there are few people and cars on the road. This kind of street lamp can adjust the light quantity of the lamp by lowering the pressure, which will not affect the lighting effect of the street lamp. The installation of this street lamp achieves the energy saving effect, and can also extend the service life of the lamp.

Second, the high bar lamp USES the low-loss energy-saving transformer

The high-pole lamp is a high-efficiency and energy-saving light source, and the equipment is equipped with energy-saving ballast. As long as the lamp is installed on the road, it can achieve a good energy-saving effect.

Three, the high bar lamp installation is simple

High pole lamp does not need to lay complex lines. Installation of this kind of street lamp does not need to dig the road, do not need to bury pipelines, does not consume electricity, and has low maintenance cost. Users do not need to manage the street lamp.

Four, high bar lights beautify the urban environment to provide good lighting effect

The scale of the city is constantly expanding, and lighting at night is a key problem. There are a lot of street light poles in the city, and various shapes of street light poles also appear. The most popular is LED high pole lamp, because urban construction should not only beautify the city, the street lamp should be decorative, the street lamp attaches great importance to the appearance of modeling, emphasizing the lighting effect and function of high pole lamp, high pole lamp is fully in line with the role of providing good lighting effect and beautifying the environment.

The high pole lamp plays a very important role in the urban landscape. It can not only be used as the urban landscape during the day, but also has lighting and landscape functions at night. The stability of the lighting effect of this kind of street lamp is very strong, which can ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles on the road and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.