Sports Lighting! Basketball Hall Professional Lighting Requirements

- Oct 11, 2019-

For the sport of basketball, professional basketball court lighting is essential.

Lighting control level requirements for the basketball court: lighting in the large comprehensive stadium is mainly divided into lighting for the competition venue and lighting for the auditorium; Large stadiums are usually used for games, and there are TV broadcasts. The vertical illumination requirement is more than 1000lx, while the NBA illumination requirement is higher. This is the reason why the picture when we watch NBA is clearer than that of CBA. Professional stadium should choose high brightness, high intensity lamps and lanterns; The illuminance of the auditorium should not be less than 20lx. Different venues have different requirements. In addition, emergency lighting is essential for large venues to ensure the safe evacuation of personnel;

One, light intensity requirement is high

The space height of the stadium is very high, the larger the stadium is the higher; It takes a lamp to emit millions of CDS (candela: unit of light intensity) to meet the requirements of TV broadcast. We can watch it in hd in front of the TV.

2. Accurate and diversified light distribution

The lighting of large stadiums is needed for television; It is not only necessary to meet the requirements of illumination and evenness on the horizontal plane, but also on the vertical plane. It is also necessary to control the incident Angle of the light so as not to cause glare to the players in the active position and field of view, which will affect the horizontal play and not spill into the audience. Should use much lamps and lanterns beam to mix, cooperate each other, achieve illume effect, unfavorable use wide beam lamps and lanterns.

Anti - glare and anti - overflow structure

Anti-glare is one of the important indicators of sports lighting. In addition to the professional lighting distribution design, the glare control of lamps also needs to add a shading structure to reduce glare and prevent overflow, so as not to affect the auditorium.

4. Good color rendering

Chromogenic is a measure of color reducibility, which is 100Ra under sunlight. The lamplight is artificial light, the higher the color index, the higher the color reducibility, the more comfortable the light; For television broadcast of major international competition venues, the light of the lamps and lanterns should be very good color restoration ability, the color index should not be lower than 80. The color rendering index of major international games broadcast by HDTV should not be lower than 90Ra; Color rendering is not only important for cameras, but also for athletes.

Angle adjustment device

In the installation process of the luminaire, the aiming of the luminaire is the last step to complete the installation. Aim at the target position that arrives illume stylist, ability achieves illuminance and the design level of even degree, lamps and lanterns should have agile, accurate, reliable aim to adjust device.