How Many Watts Of Clothing Store Track Lights Are Suitable

- Jan 15, 2019-

How many watts of clothing store track lights are suitable? Under the new retail era, clothing store businesses will be revived in the second spring, especially when the implementation of China’s e-commerce law, and now more and more clothing stores, selling more than just clothing More is the buying experience.

The lighting experience, as the top priority of the clothing store experience, naturally won the attention of the majority of store businesses, naturally as the carrier of the store lighting, clothing store track lights have become more and more important, then how much clothing store track lights Is the tile suitable?

The choice of wattage of track lights in clothing stores can be large or small. If 15W track lights are used, the number of used track lights is more than enough to meet the lighting renovation of clothing stores. If 35W track lights are used, the number of track lights used will be less.