Distinguish The True And False Of Emergency Lights

- Nov 13, 2018-

Distinguish the true and false fire emergency lighting, the regular emergency lamp lamp head is generally octagonal, and the material produced is not easy to burn materials (generally iron), and each emergency lamp has a battery and voltage regulator, once the fire power outage, emergency lights can be automatically activated, to the dark crowd to guide the way to escape,

Excellent quality emergency lights are generally not destroyed by the fire.

Counterfeit emergency lamp general lamp head is mostly round, often use plastic material, so even if the lighter is only 10 seconds can be ignited, fake emergency lights in the power outage cannot be automatically opened, need to manually press the button to start, so simply can not play a role. Purchase and sales of fire products to buy from the regular manufacturers, in addition, can also be logged in to the "China Fire Information Network", the online fire products for 3C certification verification, to confirm whether the product has been recognized by the Ministry of Public Security Fire Products conformity Assessment Center. Fire products are divided into three main categories. The first is the need for mandatory certification, the second is the need for type approval, the third is the need for mandatory testing. Therefore, not all fire products must be certified, non-certified products can also be used.