Control Mode Of Emergency Lamp

- Nov 13, 2018-

Domestic use of emergency lighting system to bring their own power supply independent control type, the normal power supply from the ordinary lighting power supply circuit, usually on the emergency lamp battery charging, when the normal power supply cut, backup power supply (battery) automatic power supply. This form of emergency lights every luminaire has a large number of internal pressure, voltage regulator, charging, inverter, battery and other electronic components, emergency lights in the use, maintenance, failure of the battery all need to charge and discharge. The other is centralized power supply centralized control type, emergency lamps do not have independent power supply, normal lighting power failure, by the centralized power supply system.

In this form of emergency lighting system, all luminaires inside the complex electronic circuit has been omitted, emergency lighting and ordinary lamps are the same, centralized power supply system set in a dedicated room. Compared with the self-contained independent control emergency lamps, centralized power supply centralized control emergency lamps have the advantages of convenient centralized management, user self-examination, fire supervision and inspection, extension of lamp life, improve emergency evacuation efficiency, such as good system reliability, long service life, convenient maintenance and management, low system price. However, centralized power supply centralized control type emergency lamps because there is no backup power supply (battery) in each emergency luminaire, if the power supply line failure, it will directly affect the normal operation of the emergency lighting system, so the laying of its power supply line has special fire protection requirements. And the self-contained power supply independent control emergency lamps because in each emergency luminaire with a backup power supply (battery), so there is no special requirements for the power supply line, power supply line failure does not affect the role of backup power supply.

Emergency lights in the event of failure generally only affect the luminaire itself, the whole system has little impact. When selecting emergency lighting, the emergency lighting system should be selected reasonably according to the specific situation.

Generally speaking, new projects or projects with fire control rooms should be as far as possible in the construction process of unified wiring, the selection of centralized power supply centralized control emergency lighting, for small places, late rectification or two decoration transformation of the project should be selected with self-contained power supply independent control emergency lighting.