Advantages Of LED Tube:

- Sep 16, 2019-

1. Environmental protection. LED lamps do not contain mercury in the tube, therefore, will not cause pollution. The life of LED lamp is longer than that of ordinary fluorescent lamp or incandescent lamp, which effectively reduces the environmental pollution caused by the elimination of lamp. Moreover, LED lamps only consume one third of the energy of traditional fluorescent lamps, not to mention incandescent lamps. Therefore, LED lamps can be said to be synonymous with energy-saving and environmental protection in lamps. 2. Clean. Here clean is not the light tube itself, but because it does not have ultraviolet or infrared light, so when the light in the summer, there will be a lot of small mosquitoes flying around the light, of course, there will be no mosquito bodies and other stains on the light tube, so the room looks cleaner. 3. Long life. The life span of LED lamps is far longer than that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, more than ten times longer than that of incandescent lamps. Because of its long life, it is especially suitable for installation in areas that are difficult to replace, such as some sunken areas. 4, applicable to many occasions. LED lights are suitable for almost any occasion, its shape. The dimensions are used to replace traditional daylight fixtures, and no particular interface is specified. The tube of LED lamp is also very reliable, generally falling on the floor, will not be broken, of course, to rule out the case of deliberately falling. What's more, LED lights are very rich in color, far more than ordinary daylight tubes that can only emit white light, so they can be used for decoration occasions. Generally speaking, in the lighting industry, the LED lamp is the first choice, which can not only guarantee the lighting effect, but also achieve energy saving and environmental protection. And because of its unique way of lighting, it can also be used for decoration. LED lights can have more color choices depending on consumers' preferences, and they can maintain a clean body for a long time, which is not the effect of traditional daylight lamps.