UV Lamp Failure

- Nov 13, 2018-

Causes of product failure and treatment methods:

Possible cause treatment of fault phenomenon A UV lamp is not lit or self-extinguishing 

1.UV Lamp Aging

2.The wind is not cold enough 

3.Power supply voltage less than 10% replace UV lamp dredge duct,

Cleaning fan Wind wheel clutter

Increase voltage

Two UV lamp brightness less than 1 UV lamp aging 2 Replacement UV lamp Three UV coating curing is not complete or completely dry 

1.Small Lamp power density 

2.UV Coating Light Initiator deficiency 

3.Short curing time or low ambient temperature 

4.Lamp and object distance too far to replace high-power UV lamp, change UV coating, add long curing time, improve the ambient temperature adjustment distance;

Four new lights start not bright or flashing indeterminate 1 lamp voltage too high and transformer mismatch 2 measurement lamp power and related parameters

Five lamps using deformation 1 equipment air cooling is not good, 2 surface temperature is too high 3 increase equipment air cooling system Six-Blast lamp 

1.Lamp operating current is too high 

2.Dirt on the surface of the lamp or splashing dirt at high temperatures 

3.False connection 

4.Short circuit 

5.Power supply voltage mismatch replacement lamp

Note that the surface of the lamp is clean

Pick it up again; The temperature of the seven presses is 1 higher.

Power supply voltage higher than 10% 

2.Poor ventilation around the machine reduces machine input voltage and enhances ventilation

Cleaning and dredge the environment around the machine

Eight lamp neck blow bad 1 current too high or lamp head false Connection 2 replacement lamp

Nine lamp head blow or dissolve 1 equipment air cooling is not good, surface temperature is too high to increase equipment air cooling system Ten lights on to spend 1 higher.

Whether the transformer matches 

2.Lamp operating current is large, so that the transformer overload operation measurement

Lamp change or transformer and ballast