Use and maintenance of ultraviolet lamps

- Nov 13, 2018-

With the new UV coatings, inks and other optical polymerization materials and ultraviolet radiation light source promotion, in the printing and painting industries such as the use of ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamps more and more extensive, but because the operator of the technology is not well understood, the use of a lot of problems, as a UV light source manufacturer, we will be aware of the following matters:

1, UV lamp must be matched with the same ballast, magnetic leakage transformer and capacitor supporting can be used.

2, must be installed in accordance with the wiring diagram provided by the factory.

3, the installation of lamp light box must be equipped with a good air cooling system to ensure that the lamp heat dissipation and the substrate does not heat deformation.

4, the tube before the machine must be stained with gauze alcohol on the outer wall of the lamp and oil and other unclean objects, otherwise it will cause the lamp after the lighting tube loss, if the UV curing material has a high content of volatile solvents or working environment has dust pollution, please wipe the lamp with alcohol every other week to ensure that the lamp does not lose too early.

5, the entire use of the process, lamp head and luminaire contact point should maintain good contact, otherwise will cause serious oxidation of the lamp head, resulting in the lamp sealing place burst. 

6, UV lamp must be in the state of cooling to start.

When starting again, it is necessary to wait for the UV lamp to cool completely before starting, 5 minutes later, the more frequent the number of switches, the corresponding shortening of lamp life 

7, Xinguang Electric light source factory The average life span of high-pressure mercury lamp is 00-1000 hours, normal operation of the lamp surface temperature is 600~700℃.

Mainly related to the number of lamp startup. 

8, strictly prohibit lamps and transformers in the overload of the state of operation, to avoid the occurrence of lamp explosion or transformer burning accident. Power supply voltage fluctuations should not be too large, such as a sudden reduction of more than 5%, may cause self-extinguishing.

Where the lamp head burnout caused by the burst of the lamp is not the internal quality of the lamp, purely improper use, do not return. 

9, Transformers must have good natural ventilation conditions in order to dissipate heat.