Ultra Thin LED Light Fixtures from TCP

- Aug 28, 2019-

LED light fixtures to include the light (or “luminaries”), driver, and casing. With traditional LED lights, the driver is often mounted directly to the light fixture, making the light bulky. This extra bulk needs a place to hide like a retrofit can light casing or an open space in your ceiling or wall.

Hiding bulky fixture limits the number of places you can install your new lights. However, with ultra-thin snap-in LED downlights from TCP, the driver is separate from the luminaire. This allows you to place the light wherever you want while moving the bulk of the driver to a more convenient and aesthetically pleasing location.  

Simply place your light, connect your driver to your power circuit, then connect the light to the driver. Done!

In addition to being ultra-thin and easy to install, our ultra thins are dimmable and rated for damp locations.

Ultra-Thin Snap-in LED Downlights are great for:

Tight spaces


Narrow plenum ceilings

Walls and stairwells

Damp spaces

Under-cabinet mounting

Concrete and other hard surfaces

Plus, you can still put them anywhere you would place a traditional, recessed downlight.

What Ultra Thin LED Downlights are not great for:

Intemperate outdoor applications

Floodlight style applications

High-Bay lighting applications

Ultra-thin LED downlights are typically an excellent fit for home or office remodeling, or any space where lighting needs to be both efficient and stylish.