Disinfection principle of ultraviolet lamps

- Nov 13, 2018-

Ultraviolet light is a kind of low energy electromagnetic wave, which is widely used in medical, health and epidemic prevention, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other departments because of its good bactericidal effect.  

But how to use ultraviolet light correctly to ensure its bactericidal effect, extend the service life of the lamp, avoid accidental injury, is required for each operator to master first, now talk about the use of several years experience.

1 disinfection principle of ultraviolet light The use of ultraviolet radiation, so that bacterial protein occurs photolysis, degeneration, bacteria of amino acids, nucleic acids, enzymes were destroyed and died. 

At the same time ultraviolet light through the air, so that the oxygen ionization in the air to produce ozone, strengthen the bactericidal effect.

2 disinfection methods for ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet light is mostly used for disinfection of air and object surfaces, with wavelengths of 2573A.  

Used for air disinfection, effective distance does not exceed ZM, irradiation time 30~60min, for the disinfection of items, effective distance in 25~60cm, irradiation time of 30min, from the light of 5 7min to start timing (light needs to warm up a certain amount of time, in order to make oxygen ionization in the air to produce ozone).

3 disinfection measures for ultraviolet rays 

3.1 Because we use UV irradiation for air disinfection, so we must first ensure the integrity and correct use of the lamp, but also regular monitoring of the lamp, the strength of the UV lamp is less than 70uwc/lining should be replaced in a timely manner. The lamp should be kept clean. 

The surface of the lamp is applied to light cotton balls every 1-2 weeks, removing dust and oil scale to reduce the factors that affect UV penetration. 

3.2 Lamp to take lightly, turn off the lights immediately after turning off the lamp, will reduce the life of the lamp, should be cooled 3 a 4min after the opening, you can use 4h continuously, but ventilation and heat dissipation is good, in order to maintain the lamp life. 

3.3 Should keep the treatment room clean and dry at any time, daily with disinfectant soaked after the special rag wipe treatment room. 

Mop the floor with a dedicated mop. 

3.4 Specification UV lamp daily monitoring and registration project, must be divided into chambers, separate registration, registration version of the lamp opening date, daily disinfection time, cumulative time, executor signature, strength monitoring registration, requirements after disinfection carefully recorded, so that the implementation and record consistency. 

3.5 for the newly enabled light tube UV intensity indicator card or strength monitor first to determine the strength of the lamp, to ensure that the strength of the new lamp in 100. W/C lining above. 

After replacing the new lamp, the mold use time to start the timing again, the lamp cumulative use time reached 1000h, timely contact with the hospital infection monitoring professionals, the lamp for irradiation intensity monitoring, such as qualified to continue to use, unqualified timely replacement of the lamp, to ensure that the UV lamp to obtain disinfection effect. 

3.6 When the air is disinfected, open all the door drawers and so on. 

In order to ensure the full exposure of all space in the treatment room, are exposed to ultraviolet radiation, disinfection as far as possible no dead angle. 

3.7 To some outpatient, laboratory and other departments to strengthen management supervision, in the outpatient department recommended the installation of UV lamp timing switch, can eliminate sometimes due to work negligence forget to turn off the lights caused by waste of power supply and lamp effective life. 

3.8 Staff before UV disinfection should do a good job arrangement, to avoid in the elimination of poison process in the human room, not only affect the disinfection effect but also by unnecessary exposure; Monitoring nurses in monitoring the strength of the lamp, due to the number of lamps, stubble monitoring must wear protective goggles, wear protective clothing, in the installation of UV lamps in the ward, UV lamp switch to be separated from other ordinary lamps or to indicate, when receiving patients with patients and family members should not be free to turn on ultraviolet light, so as not to cause adverse consequences.