Curing Technology of ultraviolet lamps

- Nov 13, 2018-

By adding a light initiator (or photosensitizer) to a specially formulated resin, an active free radicals or ion base is produced after absorbing the high intensity ultraviolet light in the ultraviolet (UV) photocurable equipment, which triggers polymerization, crosslinking and grafting reactions, so that the resin (UV coating, ink, adhesives, etc.) is converted from liquid to solid in a few seconds (unequal). (This process of change is called  "UV curing "). UV light radiation physical properties similar to visible light, are linear, its penetration force is far less than visible light, the shorter the wavelength, the worse the penetration force, so UV curing is mainly used in light can be directly shot to the epidermis or transmittance of a better internal curing. UV lamp produces UV at the same time will produce a large number of IR radiation heat, for the temperature impact of the workpiece, this radiant heat is beneficial, it can accelerate the speed of light curing reaction, especially for uv+ anaerobic mixed type of adhesive, the effect is more obvious. Application examples: Wooden flooring, metal products, such as UV coating, printed circuit board UV insulation coating, glass products UV gluing. For light curing workpieces with sensitive or less temperature-resistant effects, the IR radiation heat attached to the UV produced by traditional UV lamps is a major hazard or even fatal.

Reducing IR radiant heat is one of the cutting-edge issues in the manufacture of UV curing equipment in various countries in the world, generally using water cooling, reflection, frequency division filtration and other methods to solve, but the cost is to lose part of the ultraviolet light. ? Application examples: wood, plastic shell spraying (mobile phone shell), magnesium alloy spraying (laptop shell), a variety of PVC (such as IC card), Plastic sheet, ke type (dot) UV oil printing, offset printing machine online glazing, paper special printing (ice flowers), computer keyboard printing water drying curing, PCB graphics transfer (line Resistance to welding green oil photosensitive chemical reaction), as well as fluorescent banknote inspection, flaw detection and so on.